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Ideological Leader For Our Future

Jimmy Maricle will represent all the citizens of the 37 district.

  • A man of integrity;
  • Lifetime resident of Kentucky;
  • Will listen to the people. He is one of us;
  • Pro Life;
  • Pro 2nd Amendment.

Will Work For Louisville

Recent News

What My Constituents Say

Jimmy will help Louisville get back to the state it should be in after years of Democratic abuse.

George Westrup

VP Operation's

Your Vote for Progress
Will Make a Diffrence

JImmy will work with all of our state agencies to help better our community.

  • Fight crime;
  • Will work to help improve the current drug epidemic;
  • Fully Supports the State and Federal Constitutions;
  • Will be fiscally responsible with the people’s money;
  • Will not vote for any more taxes on the people;
  • Will work to fix the teachers pensions and bring all to the table;
  • Will fix the infrastructure issues in the 37th district.

Meet My Team

My team of professionals has a huge professional experience in Issues, politics, and business. 

Allen Maricle

Campaign Manager



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